Effective management and automation with Prolis laboratory information system software

Prolis is a uni-structural and specimen driven system that offers easy and flexible custom configurations for;

  • Reference Laboratory
  • Physician Office Laboratory
  • Toxicology Laboratory
  • Pathology Laboratory
  • HLA Testing Laboratory
  • Industrial Testing Laboratory
  • Microbiology Laboratory

Prolis is a complete laboratory information system software with a simple and systematic self explanatory User Interface (UI) ensuring an easy, fast learning and minimum advanced training for the lab personnel.

The Lab Information System includes Client Service Routines, Accessioning, Accession Dashboard, multiple Resulting Routines, Reporting, Reporting Dashboard, Quality Control, Custom Reporting Engine, Laboratory Logistics management, Outsourcing (Send out) routines, Integrated Laboratory Billing and all Dictionary Building Routines. The application is built with all the routines required to manage any laboratory effectively.

Prolis Laboratory Information System Software is licensed per SITE with unlimited users and capable of accommodating unlimited workstations. Packages start with 8 or 36 workstation licenses included.

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