Laboratory Information System Accession Routine

Accession routine in PROLIS Laboratory Information System, is used to not only register the patient’s encounter, it registers the specimen with its full detail of the contents. The ordering of lab tests is strongly integrated with the specimen contents as well as with the patient thus eliminating the ordering errors like ordering CBC without received any Lavender tube (EDTA Tube for whole blood procedures) and ordering PSA on female patients.

All this integration is configurable. Accession supports the 2 of 5 barcode symbology.

Requisition Data Accession ID, Accession Date, Time, Specimen Type and Specimen Comment
Specimen Contents Specimen Sources along with the draw date and time
Ordering Provider Complete data set of the Ordering Provider, Doctor, Clinic, Hospital and Nursing Home.
Patient Complete data set of patient with Diagnosis Codes
Orders Test Orders
Report Instructions Designating the Report Receivers
Billing Instructions Billing Instructions

Operating Manual
Prolis Laboratory Accession Manual

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