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Lab Software vs. Lab Information System vs. LIMS

The Wikipedia’s definition of Lab Information System, does provide all relevant information but scattered through out the article with the most of the lab software’s characteristics listed describing the lab information system, thus leading to a confusion. Without negating the Wikipedia’s information, I am going to redefine all three of the lab software, the lab information system and […]

Laboratory Management System-What to look for

This article aims brand new laboratories and existing, planning to or in the process to, change their Lab Information System (LIS) for some reasons or others. Though lab professionals know exactly what their need is for the time being, this article can be used to cater ones constantly changing need and no option or luxury to […]

The Impact EMR's Have on The Laboratory Business

While Electronic Medical Record (EMR) software are being adopted by almost all medical practices across the county, its counter part – laboratories are being affected negatively. The US Government has mandated the implementation of full digital health records by 2014. So this means that all hospitals, and private practices should be running under either EHR […]

Lab Software – Success key to the Laboratory Business

In this article, Lab Software points to a full blown Laboratory Information System capable of interfacing with laboratory alyzers, with external systems and internal optimal automation. More functionality the better. Though the information here is equally applicable to hospital laboratories as well as to large national laboratories, yet I am specifically addressing small regional reference […]