Featue Single module application for Chemistry, Hematology, Microbiology, Pathology, Toxicology and Molecular Testing Featue
Featue A modern Lab software for POLs, Reference Labs and Hospitals
Featue Interfaced to hundrads of EMRs and all major Lab Systems
Featue Interfaced to hundrads of Lab analyzers
Featue Integrated laboratory billing and Accounts Receivable system
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Laboratory Instrument Interface

The Instrument Interface Module is a discrete component, capable of being loaded on any PC in the network, having physical serial connections to Analyzers. The component is comprised of one main utility to handle multiple bidirectional and unidirectional interfaces at the same time along with a set of DLLs, each representing a specific instrument.

A bidirectional interface seamlessly downloads results from the analyzer to the Prolis database upon receiving a ‘download’ command from Prolis Laboratory Information System user and uploads the test orders from Prolis System to the analyzer upon receiving the enquiry from the analyzer.

A unidirectional interface only downloads results from the analyzer upon receiving the ‘download’ command from the Prolis user. If the analyzer supports a bidirectional activity, a bidirectional interface is provided otherwise unidirectional.
Remote RDM Interface
The Remote RDM Interface is comprised of a web service component, hosted along with the Laboratory Outreach module on the laboratory web server and a windows based software ‘Remote RDM’, installed on the remote PC with the client of the laboratory.

The function of ‘Remote RDM’ is to send enquiry to the web service for any results ready for the client and print reports upon receiving a response with results from the web service, at a regular interval automatically. The remote RDM is an automation tool available to only laboratories with Prolis Laboratory Outreach implemented.
Reference Lab Interface
Prolis Lab Information System provides this HL7 protocol based and VPN based communication interface through its ‘Analytical Outsourcing Utility’. The laboratory equipped with Prolis, can automate its send outs by transmitting the test orders data to the reference laboratory and consume the results data received from the reference laboratory through this interface thus eliminating manual errors and labor.
EMR Interface
This HL7 protocol based and VPN based communication interface is available to the laboratory clients with EMR capable of issuing test orders and consuming results data in the form of HL7 protocol.

The laboratory client interested to interface her EMR, should contact the laboratory for the specification sheet of the data elements required for the interface. American Soft Solutions Corp., does not cater any direct request for the Interface Specifications.
About HL7 Interface