Laboratory Information System Features

Prolis strives to be the most flexible and cost effective Laboratory Information System software available in the market.

  • Lab Rules and User Role based operation
  • In Lab and Remote Accessioning
  • Patient Scheduling for Physicians
  • Client Service Routines
  • Lab and EMR integration system
  • Manual and Automated Resulting Tools
  • Physician Custom Panels
  • Multiple Reporting media
  • Payer Rules based Scrubber
  • Manual and Automated EOB/Payments
  • AR Management and Reports

  • Audit Trail
  • Laboratory Barcode system
  • Medical Necessity guided Search Tool for Physicians
  • Logistics Management
  • System Performance Monitoring Tools
  • Calculation and Reflexing
  • Custom Reports Engine
  • Outreach, Auto-Fax, HL7/PDF Interfaces
  • Integrated Primary and Secondary Billing


Prolis lab system offers flexible custom configurations;

  • Reference Laboratory
  • Physician Office Laboratory
  • Toxicology Laboratory

  • Pathology Laboratory
  • HLA Testing Laboratory


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