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How Connected Is Your Lab?

Clinical laboratories connectivity and automation go hand in hand with their business infrastructure. Being able to accurately deliver reports to the physicians, and different systems (EHR/EMR's) need to be supported by your laboratories technology. Laboratories must...

LIS vs LIMS For Your Laboratory

Laboratories have gradually evolved from being major centers of excellence in the hospital setting to remote testing sites with full connectivity in other testing environments such as reference labs and smaller physician offices. Majority of these laboratories are now automated with laboratory software known as ‘Laboratory information system’ (LIS) or ‘Laboratory information management system’ (LIMS).

4 things to know about the 2018 Lab Fee Schedule by CMS

The 2018 Lab fee schedule is a lab schedule issued by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Care (CMS) that illustrates the implementation of the proposed budget cuts for medical laboratories starting 2018. The proposed cuts were based on the Proposed Access to...

Laboratory challenges in testing for cannabinoid’s.

"Labs face increasing challenges in testing for cannabinoid intake as more states medicalize and legalize marijuana and as new and dangerous synthetic cannabinoids appear in the drug abuse market...the growing importance of oral fluid as a roadside test and the role...