Pre-Billing Report

The batch billing tool is for high volume laboratories but it requires the medical necessity data to be complete. In either routine, the Integrity report must be used.

Reverse Billing

Billing Electronic Output.

Lab Billing Editor

The Laboratory billing Editor is the tool for laboratories who want to bill patient to patient bases and whose medical necessity file is not complete. The biller has full control on each element of the billing like Provider’s data, patient data, ICD9, pointers, the CPT codes and even the charges.

Pre-Billing Report

This billing problem diagnostic tool, is to be used before performing any billing to identify any and all possible causes for the claim denials.

This laboratory billing tool identify the problems like Provider’s missing data, Patient’s missing data, missing ICD9 codes, Incompatible medical necessity, zero priced and much more.

PROLIS Laboratory Billing Software

Prolis Lab Software application includes a comprehensive user friendly laboratory billing module that functions under the CMS guidelines. The module incorporates a specific routine that mkes the candidate tests/services to be billed ready, with options to consider the results, QNS, Lab Accidents, tests not performed (supressed) or even skipped. The component provides the following;


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